Sorry, that product won’t sell by itself

I keep finding people, from wannabe entrepreneurs to CEOs of mid size companies, that believe that great products sell effortlessly.

Most wannabe entrepreneurs have ideas of products or services they consider to be the next big thing. They talk passionately about that concept they consider unique and try to get investors excited about the idea. Never heard a single one of them dedicate more than 5 minutes of that pitch to the sales process.

Even mid size companies, with 200 employees, frequently have organizational structures with 1 person handling marketing and 4 sales guys to cover the local market. No one dedicated to international markets. Their commercial strategy is basically waiting for the phone to ring.

Well, to those wannabe entrepreneurs I say — no matter how great your business idea is, that product or service won’t sell itself automatically. And to SMEs with tottally unbalanced organizational structures I say — trusting luck, just because that phone ocasionally rings, leaves you at a tiny fraction of your success potential.

Products and services don’t sell themselves. They have to be sold!

I know this message is not cool and popular but it’s the truth. Get over it.

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