The Heineken Ad Is Worse Than The Pepsi Ad, You’re Just Too Stupid To Know It
The DiDi Delgado

I’m also annoyed that Heineken decided racism was off limits, but transphobia was fair game. They apparently knew it would be taboo to have one of their subjects admit, “I don’t like Mexicans that much,” but thought it was fine to have a cis man stare at a camera and reveal that he’s grossed out by trans folks. By doing so, Heineken managed to aid in normalizing bigoted and violent views.

No, it didn’t. It merely highlighted the kind of views and behavior you find in the real world from all kinds of people. It’s not normalizing anything by exposing it. That’s like saying “How To Kill A Mockingbird” normalizes racism because depicts it.

The Pepsi ad was rather simplistic in its form and content. The Heineken is completely different. It establishes some kind of dialogue is needed in order to rectify behavior.

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