Learn the best technics for escalating your database when you have performance problems

When a project grows, one of the most common bottlenecks is on the database side. It could come because the program's complexity has been increased due to new requirements, or more often, due to an increase in the traffic that the application should handle.

Previous considerations

Like in many other cases, you…

Let’s review performance improvements for 3 of the main programming languages to better understand the importance of keeping our projects updated.

The demand for improving app response time is something we’re always concerned about. The software engineers behind any modern development language are attempting to improve the speed of its…

Let’s visit common situations of one of the key components of data integrity.

The importance of referential integrity

Referential integrity is a simple but powerful tool. In a world of data lakes, personalized recommendations, and in-depth data analysis tools, basic concepts sometimes are forgotten. But we can not let it go. This concept should always…

Pedro Escudero

Director of engineering. Python & Ruby lover. Writer & role player (four fiction books published in Spanish). I never surrender. Now in Berlin.

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