Thanks for the comment Paul — I thought you might find it familiar.
Asis Patel

Hi mate. In terms of my opinion of personas, I must first say I think it’s hugely important you know who your users are and design with the user in mind. Absolutely this. It’s what we do, right?

My view on personas is that it’s a time consuming activity (if done right) and do you ever fully understand the needs and behaviours of your user base when you have 3 or 4 personas. If you focus in on and design for those individual people (or persona), you might improve things for them at the cost of making it worse for others. Your user base evolves, so what is right when you set off on the persona journey might not be right later. Of course, you could continue to evolve your personas but again, that involves further research and time. Additionally, I think personas sometimes are just a box ticking exercise for a design team to say “looky here these are our users” yet never actually design for their needs because the business gets their way or the design team forget to use the personas.

I think working in the my current role and the way we’re set up is probably influencing my opinion on personas. I think within the business, there is a very good idea on who the users are and what their needs are. We do continue to speak with users regularly to inform our design decisions, however, we are quickly able to release features and learn what works and what doesn’t and make adjustments when required to better the experience for the masses

Perhaps in another role, I will revert back to using them, but as it stands I’m not and won’t be any time soon.