Space Exploration: It can solve everything*

“We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things,not because they are easy, but because they are HARD” -Some guy from Massachusetts

Setting the Gauntlet, at a time in America, where anything was possible.

Would the response be the same, if President Obama came out and said the same about Mars? No, the media would say he’s a madman with unrealistic goals, and abusing his executive privilege. Conservatives would rail on the 24 hour news cycle about how we need that money for this, that and the other thing. They would all be wrong.

On July 20th, 1969, I was -13 years old. But it is the last time we, as a world were truly together for the Moon landing. From the time the Mercury 7 to that time, every eye, every television tuned to that act of human magic. Muslim, Asian, Indian, Caucasian, hell even the Amish looked in their neighbors window to see Neil and Buzz.

Spaceman on Celestial Object

(Note: If you don’t think we landed on the moon, click here, then here. If that still doesn't convince you, you’re intellectually numb and beyond my assistance)

NASA receives funding of 18.5b for Fiscal year 2016, thanks to President Obama adding a few zeroes here and there. This is utter, and complete bullshit. Below is the NASA budget as a percentage of the Federal Budget. (This doesn’t include DOD, Black Ops or NSA missions…)

Money, everywhere, except after 1992, when AOL came out.

Now that I've completely bored the hell out of you, here is how Space Exploration can solve all of societies ill’s. First and Foremost, we will not get to Mars or anywhere out of the stratosphere if the best minds work at Facebook and get you to play Candy Crush and Farmville. NASA needs money to pay the best minds, because I promise you that they want to work at NASA, SpaceX, Boeing, ULA, Lockheed, etc…

The boys and girls at #Penny4NASA want NASA to get 1% of the Federal Budget, I want 3%…with oversight (Are you listening Ted Cruz and John Thune, mess with me on this and I will find a way to get you unseated, if that means I have to move to ND and run for your seat)

With that kind of funding, we can create a Space Transportation System that can get to Mars, with Humans (SLS won’t do it, it isn’t powerful enough to get a Human there). We can hire more than 18,000 people, it will take about 200,000. That’s 182,000 more great paying jobs in Huntsville, the Cape, Virginia, and elsewhere.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curriculum would need to improve from K to 12 and into College, instead of articles about Michigan State University removing math requirements, you’d see them as a basic in all degrees. Programming, Coding and Analytics would move from the elites to everyone having a basic working understanding…opening the doors to higher paying jobs for all.

People on my social media, my office and even the baristas are tired of me ranting about the United States lack of being able to get a human into Space with an American flag on the side. It’s pathetic, and it’s entirely on the shoulders of Washington.

This doesn’t fly anymore, nothing does and it’s all bad.

Mr. President, I implore you before you leave office, lay down the gauntlet go to Mars. Neither of our Candidates have laid out an sort of plan for Space…I don’t think either of them could spell NASA if you spotted them the A’s.

My daughter in the Shuttle Simulator, she turned 6. She can get to Mars, if you let her.

Lastly, the pride involved with such an Endeavour (Google, if you you change Endeavour to Endeavor again, so help you God) can only build community, and we will need to the world to accomplish it. The Chinese and Russians are both aiming there without proclamation, why don’t we work with them (They will hack our systems and steal it anyways)

We need audacious ideas, we need them now, we need to go to Mars…NOW

Watch this, a lot.

Aaron Peek is running for Republican Precinct Delegate in Michigan, Raising a Daughter and writing a Mortgage to get you into a Home. While he is fiscally Conservative, he would raise Taxes to get us to Mars 🚀 #penny4nasa