Meet Peeptrade’s Past Trading Contest Winner

In preparation for our upcoming trading contest, we interviewed the victor of our previous contest, Nicholas Rossolillo. Nicholas ended the first trading contest with a mind-boggling Sharpe Ratio of 9.615, which is 3.849 higher than the second-placed investor. His style of investing is aggressive, and he trades primarily in equities.

Nicholas began investing by himself in 2005, when he opened a Roth IRA after finishing high school. From 2012 -2014, he worked as a financial advisor at Edward Jones, before founding his own firm, Concinnity Financial, in October of 2014. Currently, he is the President of Concinnity Financial, and he is also a freelance writer for The Motley Fool.

Concinnity Financial has a unique approach to investing. At the beginning of every month, employees gather together to conduct a macroeconomic study. Within the framework that is created, they utilize fundamental and quantitative analyses to construct a tactical investment strategy. Their strategy mainly focuses on individual stocks and ETFs to take long and short positions, leveraged positions, and they occasionally use treasuries and bonds.

Below is a short interview we conducted with him:

Did you do anything special with that money?
Yes! The money got reinvested back into my firm, Concinnity Financial.
What do you think about Peeptrade’s trading contests?
They are a good way for investors to hone their skills and get ideas from other investors.
What do you think about the current contest?
Should be a great learning experience for all involved again, although the market will surely be a different one from the last time around.
Do you think you will win the current contest?
The law of averages would say no. Someone else will be the top-performer this time around. That isn’t to say I wouldn’t be disappointed if our strategy doesn’t finish with high marks.

For this upcoming trading contest, there will be a total of 3 winners. The first place will win $3000, second place $2000, and third place $1000. The criteria for deciding the winner will be the investor with the highest Sharpe Ratio. The contest begins on August 1st, and will last 3 months, ending on November 1st. All participants must sign up before September 9th. To sign up for the contest, one simply has to link his or her brokerage account to Peeptrade’s platform. Since we are now integrated with over 1000 brokers, anyone can link his or her brokerage account in seconds! For more information regarding the trading contest, click here.

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