The Democratization of Finance

Historically, the financial industry has been riddled with both needlessly complex trading tools, and extremely archaic and elitist processes. Thankfully, we are now blessed with a massive influx of fintech (financial technology) startups to help simplify the lives of self-directed investors, and empower them with the necessary tools to be successful. Within one of the financial powerhouses in Asia, more specifically, Singapore, there is a startup that is doing just that.

This startup called, “Call Levels”, provides real-time monitoring and instant price alerts on a wide range of asset classes. This allows investors to be notified of market movements regardless of place and time.

What does Call Levels do?

Call Levels is a cloud-based market monitoring, price notification, and real-time data analytics service provider. In a nutshell, Call Levels alert their users when their specific asset reaches a pre-selected price level. It is highly reliable, and sends push notifications straight to your mobile home screen once a pre-selected price level is reached. It really is that simple. In fact, Call Levels pride themselves as a service that works without you knowing it.

The phrase “call levels” was coined by the financial industry, and it stands for “Call me back when the price reaches this level”. It is a price monitoring service that a private banker usually provides exclusively to high priority clients as the process of calling levels is costly. With the realization that the current prices of calling levels is archaic, costly, inefficient and widely inaccessible, Call Levels was henceforth birthed into a free, simple and intuitive mobile and Apple watch application. The beauty of it lies in its simplicity as a tool that can transform the way everyone trades: by creating free and easy access to calling levels.

“Call Levels works in the background of a user’s mobile device, providing price alerts for our users, actively watching the markets for them even if they don’t launch the app frequently since this would all depend on their own investment strategy and horizon. Hence our tagline: ‘We watch the markets for you, so you don’t have to’.”
- Co-Founder Cynthia Siantar

What makes Call Levels unique?

Call Levels is the only fintech startup that has the ability to reliably deliver immediate price alerts on a wide range of assets from the cloud. Since they source all of their data directly from exchanges, when you add that along with their patent-pending technology that powers the monitoring system, their alerts are reliable even when scaled. While their technology might sound dauntingly complex, Call Level’s user interface is actually meticulously designed such that it is extremely easy and intuitive to use. In fact, it is so simple that they have a significant number of users who are above the age of 60.

Call Levels & Peeptrade

The founders of Peeptrade and Call Levels both adopt a very similar philosophy, and that is to empower self-directed investors through the democratization of financial information. For most people, the current situation within the financial world places self-directed investors at a strong disadvantage, as they lack much of the necessary tools available to large investment bankers.

Peeptrade and Call Levels also complement each other excellently. Peeptrade provides a more holistic service as a one-stop-shop for self-directed investors, while Call Levels excels in their role of serving investors real-time price alerts on their assets, anytime, anywhere. Both services will be valuable assets to anyone looking to acquire information regarding one’s portfolio.

The future of Call Levels

The future of Call Levels looks very bright. The reason is because their founders, Cynthia Siantar and Daniel Chia, are far-sighted, and see beyond a world in which many investors use their application, which is available on Android and iOS. They believe that as financial technology improves, investors will hope to have financial services providers that are constantly present. This has resulted in Call Levels deciding to build an API that can be integrated as a plug-and-play solution to their existing platforms. Their API can be incorporated with open-source platforms such as Facebook Messenger. This development will improve their services drastically as their platform can truly become an invisible, but powerful presence for all investors.

Written by Allen Kan, Finance and Marketing Associate at Peeptrade

Originally published at on September 1, 2016.

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