Building a human gateway towards digital economy

The secret of a successfull startup is:

Sorry to deceive you, there isn’t a secret recipe towards success.

But let’s talk about success…

What does success means?What does it means for your friends?
For you? For your husband/woman/boyfriend/girlfriend?

Talking about success is very similar as talking about happiness; it’s not a binary state and it probably doesn’t matter.

It has been already more than 2 years since an stupid idea came up to my mind. You know, there are the genius out there and then the rest of us.

And what’s more, I still have a life after this time. Still have friends. Still do some hiking, beach, cycling, climbing, trips, dancing… sleep well at night and miraculously still have a partner. So yes, probably the American way of “do it or die trying” it’s not my style :)

The problem of having some ethics, some solids beliefs is that development is not fully driven by business. If the aim of a project is to build something that just makes money, probably that’s not our project; we rather prefer to build something that has sense…for us.

A very special word for us is coherence. We all live in an unfair world. Wealth is unfairly distributed and that’s a fact nobody can deny.

Economic elite of almost everywhere and probably governments too (which usually happen to be the same) are corrupt, unscrupulous, selfish and acquiescent. I’m not going to discuss if more than yesterday or less than tomorrow; but they usually forget that money was built as a medium of exchange. Money is a tool, not an end in itself. Let’s put it up clearly, nobody has the right to own too much.

However Bitcoin and digital “decentralized” revolution appeared. The 1st private money in centuries, not controlled by governments. Understandable by machines. A whole digital revolution. A product even better than analogic money. A disruption that caught the world by surprise just after the post-capitalist crisis of early 2000's.

The blockchain; a technology disruption that along with smart contracts, IoT and AI, will change the world where we live today. But let’s give it a different outlook, this great technology also allows to create fairer economic systems than ever, to improve greatly cooperativism, transparency and participation. The empowerment of people around the world and unseen ways of redistributing wealth.

At Peer2cash we are doing very simple thing: Trying to make it easier for people to onboard this new digital era because we truly belief that, even not mainstream, better societies and economic systems will arise from this revolution and will be there for those searching a better place.

We will keep working to put our small piece in the puzzle nexts months.

Stay tunned and thanks for reading!