Purpose drives the conversation meaningfully

We categorise the purposes to engage into conversations in 10 broad categories, as below:

  1. Startups: Meet Startup enthusiasts and engage into conversations on Ideation, evaluating Tech-Stack, GTM strategies, guidance on prudential Product Management, Pitch Deck, Fund Raising, ESOPs, Digital Marketing, etc
  2. Career Counseling: Meet professional veterans from a wide spectrum and get sectoral perspectives, nitty-gritty of different domains, career transition, handling job interviews, etc
  3. Education counseling: Meet students from Education Institutes like IIMs, IITs, ISB, XLRI to get insights on competitive exam preparation, life at such institutes, choosing streams for higher education, skills to harness during graduations, projects & assignments…

Why paid meetings?

For the business-centric conversations, the provider has a legit reason to charge for one’s time and knowledge. The Requester understand this and is generally willing to compensate the same depending upon one’s preferences. Such interactions include meeting with a lawyer, doctor, consultant, etc. However, it’s difficult to value time & expertise when experiences & wisdom are shared generously without involving any business motives!

Here, we’d like to share the rationale and intent behind paid meetings and offering options on Meeting Fees on PeerSpot.

Though many refrain from entertaining such meeting requests, some do spare their time and meet these curious…

Hosting an outstanding range of professionals, who are willing to meet — is a pleasure. And experiencing them meeting and sharing their learning is even more delightful.

Considering the influx of new members on PeerSpot, I think it’s an appropriate time to write a brief note on how PeerSpot facilitates meetings typically. Following are the steps:

Discovery: The search option aided with location filter helps in searching peers by their name / skills / keywords / education / experiences / handler.

KYP: Know-Your-Peer: A profile helps fellow users learn about the experiences / expertise / interests areas of the others…

In its constant endeavor to connect peers and enable fruiful experience sharing, PeerSpot developed a Search Engine in order to help members discover suitable peers that they may seek to meet. Currently, PeerSpot has following mechanisms of search:

  • Search by Name

◦ Searching for “krishna” on PeerSpot search-bar would show multiple profiles containing “krishna”, viz a viz Krishna Choksi Shah, Gokul Krishna, Ashwin Krishna KP, Pobba Vamsi Krishna, etc.

Ever wondered how about meeting people who hold experiences in very diverse areas, e.g.

  • painting colors of life
  • making the technology that changes the lives of Rural India
  • holding patience for capturing the right moment in the jungle
  • building agriculture technologies that can help farmers increase the yield
  • composing amazing music using Sound Engineering
  • how opening strategies in chess can define your prospects of winning
  • learning the cultures across geographies
  • working with iconic organizations like Facebook, Amazon, IKEA, SAP, etc.
  • how medicines work in the body
  • designs of working of the famous sports leagues work
  • adoption of eCommerce that is…

IMDB says people reported The Imitation Game 8 stars. Truly, it’s an amazing movie. Yes, that’s for outstanding performance by Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing, the man whose exceptional work of decoding German messages during World War II helped in ending the war.

But you know what’s really shocking? This brilliant computer scientist & mathematician never got an obituary!

Thank you Amy Padnani, for delivering an excellent TED talk on “how we’re honoring people overlooked by history”. Had I not see it, I never came to know a lot of such amazing things:

· Mary Outerbridge’s contribution in introducing tennis…


Build on experiences at PeerSpot


An aimless meeting is good for no one. It not just wastes time, but also drains energy and pours feeling of resentfulness. For example — one wants to explore the world of Canvas Painting! One can define the purpose in and around Canvas Painting as in — what to learn about Canvas Painting? Depending upon the (technical) knowledge level of an individual, one can define the learning boundaries of it:

- How to begin

- Sheds and impacts

- How ideation and imagination work

- Some exemplary work

- Amount of efforts it takes…

Ever wondered about the stages of learning? In 1969, Martin M. Broadwell described a model as “the four levels of teaching”, which was detailed by Paul R. Curtiss and Phillip W. Warren in their book The Dynamics of Life Skills Coaching, in 1970. It talks about one’s journey of learning — from an absolute zero to an ace practitioner — a skill.

What does it literally mean? 5 days (or 6 days sometimes) of work a week, ensures that a certain set of brain components remain deployed for more than 50% of our time. And we struggle in managing the balance of 50% of the time, justifying it for sleep, family, day-routine, socialization, and learning. This leads us to know what successful people generally do amidst such chaos.

They also have the same 24 hours a day!

Success bridges the two ends — (i) prosperity combined with joy and (ii) passion blended with work. Those who bridged these two and have achieved…

PeerSpot is a meeting facilitation platform. It helps users in earning the due value of their time and expertise while spending quality time with the professionals. The hiccups in setting up a meeting and making it productive — are at the core of the PeerSpot’s efforts. It’s easy to find professionals on various platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. but very difficult to find the right professional who is having integrated interests, is approachable and is willing to spare quality time in sharing his/her learning. Peerspot bridges the gap of “ease of meeting” such enthusiastic professionals.

PeerSpot is accessible…


We facilitate one-on-one awesome conversations!

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