Peerplays — The Gaming Blockchain

Jul 24 · 2 min read

Peerplays is a truly decentralized blockchain that is optimized for fast-action gaming. Already home to a sports betting exchange and lottery applications, developers are encouraged to submit their own games and applications. Either build them brand new, or port existing ones from other platforms.

Why Peerplays?

Using blockchain as a tech stack in your development provides a ton of benefits! So why put your game or app on Peerplays?

The Software

When you develop for Peerplays, you gain access to world-leading software that’s already tried, tested, and optimized for the Peerplays blockchain.


Join these other DApps (that’s Decentralized Applications) that are revolutionizing their respective industries by utilizing the Peerplays blockchain and all that comes with it.


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The world’s first #decentralized #tournament management and #wagering platform built entirely on the #blockchain

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