Who is Influencing the Conversation in Streaming and Esports?

There is no hotter industry in the world right now than esports. If you aren’t sure what esports is, you might be over 30. If you aren’t already in the know, it is time to familiarize yourself with the world of professional gamers.

Esports, in short, is the competitive playing of video games. Teams of players compete against other teams while playing specific games, like Overwatch or Call of Duty. What started out as a very niche industry has blown up into a global force, recently overtaking traditional sporting events in overall viewership numbers. One estimate from Syracuse University has US-only esports viewers numbering 84 million by the year 2021. This is far above estimates for the NBA, MLB, and NHL, but still considerably less than the uber-popular NFL and their estimated 141 million total viewers.

A close cousin to esports is livestreaming. This is where an individual streams themselves playing video games, usually at a very high level, and usually highly entertaining. Viewers tune in by the millions on popular streaming platforms like Twitch.tv and YouTube Live, among others.

What esports stars and streamers have in common, aside from being really good at playing video games, is their massive appeal to both viewers and advertisers. The biggest streamers in the world can pull in millions of eyes and have mastered the art of influencing buying behaviors. Advertisers have caught onto this new-ish trend and gamers have become some of the most sought after influencers in the world.

Still the best place to interact with communities online, Twitter is the spot to be. So, who should you be following on Twitter today?

We leveraged machine learning clustering algorithms using Affinio, an audience intelligence platform. By analyzing Twitch’s audience, we were able to identify a cluster of hardcore streamers and streaming fans. Looking at that community, we’re able to see what accounts (people, brands, media, etc.) are most relevant to them.

Below, we’ve listed the top 25 most influential people to the streamer community, and the top 25 to watch, aka the up-and-comers. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on all of these names!

Top 25 Streaming Influencers

  1. 100T Nadeshot @Nadeshot
  2. Seth Abner @OpTic_Scumper
  3. Hector Rodriguez @OpTicH3CZ
  4. Nordan Shat @FaZe_Rain
  5. FaZe Apex @FaZeApex
  6. Ian @OpTic_Crimsix
  7. FaZe Pamaj @Pamaj
  8. eU Clayster @Clayster
  9. FaZe Censor @Censor
  10. MBoZe @OpTicMBoZe
  11. FaZe Temperrr @Temperrr
  12. FaZeAdapt @FaZeAdapt
  13. FaZe Banks @Banks
  14. Will Johnson @OpTic_BigTymeR
  15. Blaze @FaZeBlaze
  16. LG FormaL @FormaL
  17. Damon B @OpTic_DKarma
  18. Jev @FaZeJev
  19. David J. Vonderhaar @DavidVonderhaar
  20. TmarTn @TmarTn
  21. Rug @FaZeRug
  22. FaZe Teeqo @Teeqo
  23. Tom @ProSyndicate
  24. FaZe Agony @Agony
  25. Jordan @ProoFJC

Top 25 to Watch

  1. Andrew @TheIceAP
  2. Duncan Ironmonger @SCUFDunc
  3. Brice @Bricetacular
  4. Jude @jud3vill
  5. Kristen Abner @momOFscump
  6. Huhdle @Huhdle
  7. Jeff Haag @DaDSHoT
  8. Vaughn TipsyFN ttv @Tipsy772
  9. Lufniis @SinfuL_JB
  10. Mike @Blfire
  11. Danny Ho @MiyagiDanny
  12. Easy E @Twizz
  13. John Boble @RevanJB
  14. Remy @RemRossTheBoss
  15. Steve Canle @Mochila
  16. MJChino @MJCheen
  17. eU Burns @Potthoff
  18. Jonathan Tucker @PacmanJT
  19. Ben 'Benson' Bowe @Benson_EU
  20. Splyce AquA @UAquaa
  21. 100T Alpaca / Alex @100TAlpaca
  22. Brad @aPureGangster
  23. 100T Muddawg @Muddawg
  24. Dedo @dedo
  25. Aaron @TuQuick24

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