More Glocalities, More Possibilities.

Joshua Meyrowitz describes (2005, p.22) that ‘Although we continue to live in particular physical localities, we now increasingly share information with and about people who live in localities different from our own. We more frequently intercept experiences and messages originally shaped for, and limited to, people in other places.’ And that is the reason he suggested now we live in ‘globalities’. I am impressed by his descriptions and his summaries. What he noted is exactly what we experiencing now. Living in glocalities is becoming a new characteristic of us in this global village today. Locally, we live in one place and keep doing our daily routine, dealing with different problems as an individual. Globally, we receive information and interact ideas by using various mobile and online tools without certain space and distance limited. As Meyrowitz (2005) stated media have extended the boundaries of experiences and perceptions.

For me, the best example to show how interplay between the global and the local effected my social and cultural identity is studying abroad. As a Chinese, I born and grew up there, the typical locally culture of China had shaped my identity originally. And all the relationships I have locally in China embedded me a strong attachment to this place. However, after I experienced and knew more about outside through the media, I had a new connection to a new city where I wanted to live and study in. The place is Melbourne. For me, the new life in Melbourne is an adventure. The exploring of the completely different places, culture and social life has offered me a chance to live and think globally. My perceptions of the world have been extended since I started a new life in a new place. And my identity has also becoming more multi-surfaced.

I do appreciate and enjoy the life live in glocalities. As Meyrowitz noted (2005,p.30) ‘with a wide array of electronic media, including the mobile phone, we are also liberated from the same bounded and confining experiences… We are free, as well, to shape our degrees of connection to local space. As a result, we can each create our own customized — and evolving — fusion of local and global identities’. More globalities, more possibilities.


Meyrowitz, J. 2005 The rise of glocality: New senses of place and identity in the global village.

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