Cheaply Ever After

Bettsina Walkinson
Mar 25 · 2 min read

Hello world 👋🏽. Here are 16 free tools I use on a daily basis to work remotely and do design stuff — from ideation to handoff designs 🛠.

Getting Things Done/Design:

Whimsical (Flowcharts)

Figma (Wireframes, prototypes and design systems)

Overflow (User journeys)


Slack or Discord (1-on-1 calls, chat conversations)

WhatsApp Calls (Video calls, group meetings)

Spark Email Client (Clean email inbox, collaboration)

Google Hangouts (Screen shares)

File Management:

Google Drive (Documents, presentations, spreadsheets, shared folders)

Stock Images:

Pixabay/Pexels/Unsplash (Photos)

Getting Things Tracked/Productivity:

Trello (Task tracking, version control)

Teamweek (Week-by-week project visualization, Trello integration, project management)

Toggl (Time tracking)


TransferWise (Free to receive money, low fees to send money)

AND Co (Invoicing)

Why do I use these tools?

When I worked from the office, all I needed to get started was a whiteboard and some sticky notes, but when I started working remotely, I quickly found a need for tools to brainstorm, prototype, document my process and share it to the team in a way that’s both efficient and clear.

After trying many apps, I found that the key things I look for in a digital tool are: rapid prototyping, easy sharing, version control, compatibility, real-time collaboration, and a low learning curve.

Also, it’s important for me that a tool is available for Windows and Mac because I use both systems.

Whimsical, Figma and Google Drive apps are web-based and allow for real-time collaboration. This means no more duplicated or lost files, better version control.

Slack, Discord and WhatsApp are available for mobile or PC and make remote communication with the team more efficient.

TransferWise and AND Co are also mobile friendly and they are great for money transfers and invoicing.

Trello, Teamweek and Toggl are also web-based, available for mobile devices and integrate with each other. Overall, great tools to keep things agile! 🤓

All of the apps above are very user-friendly and useful for small teams.

Go on, save money and live cheaply ever after 🦄.

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