Tips for the Use of Drones for Video Production Mobile Alabama

Video production in Panama City, FL and many of the other cities of the world is getting a major boost, as it is now easier to capture aerial videos with the use of drones. Helicopter drones that are remote-controlled and lightweight are used for creation of low-altitude imagery. Aerial shots that are stunning can easily be gotten with the used of this technology including films, action-sports, construction videos and real estate videos. The demand for video production with the use of drones is therefore increasing. If you should decide to use drones for video production in Pensacola or any other country in the world, here are some tips that will be useful for you.


You should not attempt to use your drone to make a film when the weather is not favorable. If larger and human controlled plane flights can be cancelled just because the weather is bad, then an automatic smaller drone will require much better weather to fly. You can use your drones for your video production during periods when the speed of the wind is not up to 10mph. Planning to and shooting the film in the morning is generally advisable. Filming in windy weathers or at a period when a gust of wind suddenly comes up could have a negative effect on your filming. The most common of these effects is that your final video will tend to have shaky shots in them.

Drone types to use

Another important factor is the UAV or drone type you decide to use. Gimbal or other stabilization controls are usually lacking in the cheapest drone types, which are usually quadcopters. The gimbal is a system for support that can be used for camera control on the pitch axes and on the roll. It can further tilt and pan the camera to compensate for the drone’s movement. You can easily achieve great quality shots of movie if the gimbal is adjusted properly for camera stabilization. You can get a gimbal that is steady in a hexacopter. If you are looking forward to a shoot that is flawless, your best bet is using a hexacopter that has a steady gimbal. You also get extra weight and propeller, which makes the hexacopter much more stable than the quadcopter.

Camera types to use

For the best result, you might have to opt for the lightest possible camera. A lot of hexacopter have the ability to fly for about 10 minutes or less, since they are powered by battery. There are others like the Go-Pro, whose battery can power them for up to 25 minutes. The final use to which you want to put the camera is the most important factor for your camera type. If you want beautiful and quality shots, you will have to go for a camera type you have tested and you are sure can deliver such a result. You might also want to go for those with lesser quality, depending on your budget and the quality of video production in Panama City, FL you are aiming to achieve.

Short note

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