It is about Teabag and frugal

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 As I said on the title, it is about the tea bag.

Not really about one tea bag. About making more cups of tea from one bag. This green tea is from Costco. In a box, there are 100 bags. Each is individually packed. You might have got it from the picture of the packet itself, right?

Hubby likes to take green tea in a flask to work. That is about two cups of tea in the flask. He doesn’t like it seeped for long. Just change the colour and little flavour is enough.

After making his tea, i dip the bag in a cup of boiled water for myself. Then, the bag got dropped in an empty glass. I make about 4 cups of tea in the morning for myself with the same tea bag.

It all started to tame my coffee drinking habit. Coffee was giving me acid reflux. This green tea is fine for me. In the winter, I have to force myself to drink water. The tea bag gives a little colour and slight flavour to the water. Drinking something warm gives a good feeling too. I am extending the use of one bag and saving some pennies too.

How many cups of green tea you usually make from one tea bag? Or loose tea is your favourite?

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Originally published at on February 16, 2017.

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