Kid Cloud Strategy

I wrote about my cloud strategy and even anticipated my husband might need/have a cloud strategy, but I was not prepared to teach my 3rd grader his own kid cloud strategy.

Yeah homework.

I could sense trouble the minute I spied papers with usernames and passwords. Trouble with a capital T and that rhymes with C and that stands for C’mon Man.

Why yes, I did experience a mini-breakdown, during which I experienced a few of the stages of grief. I spend most of my days at work trying to promote best digital practices. At first I felt defeated because I had not reached this school, these teachers. And it felt like my son might die of paper cuts before I could impact this school… {how about some drama?}

So as I talked through it, I recovered somewhat and tried to model for my son what the problem was and some options we had for overcoming it. While I did not have unfettered access to these teachers and influence over their practices — I do have access to my son and how he approached and ultimately overcomes these issues. Once I had a grip, I talked through with my son what he would have access to when it was time to access these random sites from either school, YMCA, home, or when we travel.