Mind Clutter.

To be good at something is perhaps the greatest feeling that a person
can have. That which you can do so well it makes you stand out and
gives you a sense of self importance and self-acknowledgement. It gives
you a purpose as some would like to call it. Something to hold on to, on
the not so good days.
It could be you’re good at music, art, math, science or being a spouse, a
mom, a friend, a teacher even, the list is endless.
Think of that one thing that singles you out, that one thing that makes
your stars shine a little bit brighter.
Think of that intense feeling you get when playing that instrument,
everything around you comes into a perfect harmony as if just to
compliment your perfect piece.
That exhilarating feeling you get when you take that paint brush and in
a few strokes you create galaxies, and you begin to see things
differently painting portraits even in your sleep.
When you stand in front of that audience, and you can see just how
hypnotized they are by the words you speak and the wisdom they
carry, that power you hold in that moment and the very air around is so
still and silent as though it’s only purpose is to carry your words.
This remarkable bust of energy, this feeling, in these moments, we
don’t feel so fragile or small, we’re taller, bolder, more beautiful, the
ground beneath us so steady. We come alive.
So what if one day you woke up and there’s no more music, you can’t
create galaxies like you once did, you were the perfect friend, the
perfect spouse and then one day you just aren’t. Then the ground 
beneath you isn’t so steady anymore and you are not so different any
This immense feeling of self-doubt begins to creep in and you begin to
question all the times you felt that high. Was it just my own making?
Was it just a passing high? Endless questions in your mind, until you
stop questioning, and you push that part of your past so far in your
mind and you begin to speak of it as if it was something in a past life,
something long forgotten.
As time goes by, you’re reminded of that feeling you used to have, that
feeling that hasn’t been replaced by anything else or revived by
something else. It is as if a voice inside of you is speaking to you and
you begin to wonder.
I would like to think this is what you call intuition, and your heart
already knows where home is, it wandered far off but it craves that
familiar feeling, that satisfaction, that high that set you on a higher
So do you begin to go back and try revive that part of you that once
made you come alive or do you push that voice further down?
An impossible conundrum it may seem, but I would like to think dear
readers, that we often need a voice and even search for it, to guide us.
You may believe that it is your own intuition talking to you or God or
the you in your past life trying to revive yourself again. Call it as you
As your intuition continues to speak to you, so does your heart
although they may be one and the same thing , again, it depends on
how you see it, what you hear is one voice in unison, a nudge to take
that dive , and push down all your questions, fears and doubts.
So what do you do? Do you listen? Or do you keep going about your
normal routine and call yourself a realist?

Why should we listen to our hearts?
Because, wherever your heart is that is where you’ll find your
“Because you will never again be able to keep it quiet,”
“Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering
itself, and that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its
dreams, because every second of the search is a second’s encounter
with God and eternity.”
(Paulo Coelho, THE ALCHEMIST).