I was elated

When I went

To that musical evening.

She was my favorite

My idol

And from life,

I couldn’t have asked

For a better thing.

And life made sure

I have no chance

Another opportunity


My younger brother

Was with me too ,

I don’t see him here .

Did they take him home ?

Or is he somewhere hidden

Starving and crying alone ?

I didn’t know that man

Who swallowed us with him,

He didn’t know me

I never knew him.

We were having a gala time

When from nowhere

Explosion happened

Sounds erupted

And so many bodies

were burnt alive,

Including mine.

I am now in a safer abode

They say no threat lies here,

But I am still terrified

And for long hours,

In distance I stare.

I hope I shouldn’t have ended

The way I did.

They shouldn’t have died

The way they did.

I hope no other man

Is taken from his wife ,

No other mother

Is separated from her child.

And nobody ever

Has to write down

An elegy for you,

The way someone did for me.

These are my last desires

I wish that peace prevails

As from inside I bleed

And my heart still wails.

— Isha

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