I Bleed

For five days straight

Every month

I bleed profusely

people think it’s my fault ,

What shall I do?

Wrap up my vagina

And store it in a vault?

When I had my first period

My mom told me,

Don’t let your dad

Ever see those stains of red.

I cannot talk loud and bold

About this disease

All am I allowed

Is to whisper , about whispers.

The other day

Blood oozed out

Staining my pant

The onlookers lost their cool

And went on a raging rant.

If they could

They would zip up my vagina,

For those 5 days

Because a menstruating women

Is better kept caged.

Neither can I visit temple

God ‘s divine place,

Looks like when I am bleeding

He also chooses

Not to see my face.

They make me an outcast

Deem me a prisoner ,

And make this natural process

A sin , and me a sinner.

And did I mention ?

That secret weapon

Wrapped under layers of layers

What if anyone sees you with it?

And catches you unawares ?

I am appalled at these beliefs

That want to cage feminity ,

I don’t know whose is the sin

Our bleeding?Or their thinking?.

And this keeps on happening

Every other week,

But without bothering much,

I once again bleed.

— Isha

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