Like a hush upon a scorching day,

The stars dazzle in their lucent divinity.

The night is all-encompassing as the bejeweled sky stretches indefinitely

Enfolding the secrets of Hydra and Hercules, besieging the Gemini twins from Aries.

The sombre Great Bear looks on at the unattainable, poignant Corona Borealis

Only to be veiled by the phosphorescent equinox.

I break from this cosmic reverie to now start afresh,

And analyze the events of my day.

The squad’s primary agenda was to go stargazing,

It took forever to planet. I was all for it,

As one who’d been wanting to discuss the Quantum Theory for a while now.

It was about time. Here they were still hung up on the moon-landing controversy,

But to put that matter to rest, NASA may need to Apollo-gise.

Hold on-what if we’d had the wrong idea of space all along?

Maybe the universe lay far beyond these empty spaces and dusky places

And it may just be, that the Orion’s belt is just a colossal waist of space.

— Ananya Roy

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