The Monster within you.

Have you looked inside yourself?

And met what stays in there

The inner demons always longing

To defeat you.

They live inside your very thoughts

And try to determine the actions you do .

The monster inside you

Is everything but the real you

It is everything which is wrong in life

It is everything which never got appreciated

And it is a reminder of all those times

You trusted and were backstabbed

Brutally and viciously.

This is what turned that happy soul

Into this monster which is so vindictive

Which is perennially callous

It does not need to be paid importance

It’s impulses need not be listened to

It is there to be pitied

To be felt sorry for

And make sure , you never let that demon

Overpower the angel in you.
— Isha

One day

Someone is going

To hug you tight

Make your eyes bright

And assemble

All your broken pieces

And fix them right.

It will all happen

And their kisses

Will caress your soul,

A part of them will come

And make you whole .

It is bound to happen

All in good time ,

Someone will fill

Your insides with delight

One day

Someone will hug you tight.
— Isha

For five days straight

Every month

I bleed profusely

people think it’s my fault ,

What shall I do?

Wrap up my vagina

And store it in a vault?

When I had my first period

My mom told me,

Don’t let your dad

Ever see those stains of red.

I cannot talk loud and bold

About this disease

All am I allowed

Is to whisper , about whispers.

The other day

Blood oozed out

Staining my pant

The onlookers lost their cool

And went on a raging rant.

If they could

They would zip up my vagina,

For those 5…

Dear Chetan

I expect you must be sitting at your desk and working on your new ‘novel’ right now , or touring cities for the promotion of Half Girlfriend or the best , agreeing to judge another reality show. That’s what literary giants do in this age , right ? Sure , you have earned a lot of name ,fame and must be rolling in money at the moment but inspite of every bestseller you produce , we have problems coming to terms with some of your ways. Let’s talk today.

This letter should be of concern to you because…

I was elated

When I went

To that musical evening.

She was my favorite

My idol

And from life,

I couldn’t have asked

For a better thing.

And life made sure

I have no chance

Another opportunity


My younger brother

Was with me too ,

I don’t see him here .

Did they take him home ?

Or is he somewhere hidden

Starving and crying alone ?

I didn’t know that man

Who swallowed us with him,

He didn’t know me

I never knew him.

We were having a gala time

When from nowhere

Explosion happened

Sounds erupted


Hope, you are so kind

That you screw up my mind

You stir up my expectations

Without any valid reasons

You keep that tiny flicker burning on,

Giving me something to count upon

But when you’ve tried your best

Till the end of my quest

Yet when I fail to yield

It breaks my shield

Leaving me open to wounds

Feeling so doomed

And still you are by my side

Like the best ever guide

Lighting another tiny flame

With a brand new aim

And this cycle respawns

Forever on and on

Hope you are so kind

That you screw up my mind.
— Ajay Rahul

“Cometh the hour! The floor stands open for comment.”

Measuring tape in hand, they’re all set to conduct a sacrament —

The soi-disant aunt, her cousin, his neighbour,

Putting sensibilities through unprecedented labour.

“This dress is one notch too high for your self-esteem to match! Why so chubby, don’t be

scrubby, take it off and dispatch.”

“So you’re saying, if the dress were a tad longer, I could go right ahead?”

“Uh- weeeell, no. A casual attire is a call for satire; enshroud her in jeans instead.”

“HEAVENS NO!” Cries the self-proclaimed jury,

“Traditional is ideal, denim would only spawn…

In 2012, Pravartika Gupta was burned to death as she slept with her one year old daughter because her family did not meet up with the schedule of paying the dowry installments. This comes after the groom’s parents had suddenly decided that they wanted an apartment too, along with the agreed upon demand for a Honda City and over 12 lakh rupees in cash.

The more I delved into my research, the more I began to find stories of women being locked in bathrooms for years, battery acid being poured into their genitals or women being strangled to death as…


A friend recently told me about how she was so moved by the extraordinary stories that constitute the Harry Potter series that she drew inspiration from it, as if it were a living entity feeding her with energy and joy every time she stepped into Hogwarts’ magical world. …

Don’t tell me Harry Potter isn’t real

For it is hard to believe you ,

Don’t tell me it is a work of fiction

For it is an escape you and I could never imagine .

You may think magic is an illusion

A mere figment of someone’s imagination ,

You may think the characters never existed

But I found solace in them, when in no one else I did.

It has been way better than real people

Who were not there even when they were,

It has always been my escape from reality

My happiness and my solidarity .

And if you tell me it is not real ,

Then I don’t know what is.

And if 10 years down the line

You happen to ask me some day,

‘After all this time ?’

‘Always’, I will say.

— Isha


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