Five Reasons Pet-Friendly Offices Are the Best

One of the many perks of being a PencilWorks Member is that we are pet-friendly. Here are five reasons as to why having man’s coworker’s best friend at the office makes for a better workspace and a better lifestyle for pet owners.

  1. Pets lower stress levels. Several studies suggest that a few minutes with a pet can dramatically decrease the levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) in the brain, making each day with a dog at the office happier and healthier.
  2. Pets increase social interaction. Whenever dogs are the office, they become catalysts for conversation between members in the space. Everyone gathers around them for small mental breaks to pet and play with pets, leading to an even more communal feel for the office.
  3. Pet-friendly spaces help save pet owners’ money. The average price for a dog walker in NYC is about $20-$30 per walk, and doggie day care is even more. By nixing the need for a walker for all five days of the workweek, pet owners can save thousands of dollars per year.
  4. Pet-friendly spaces enhance levels of productivity. Employees who can bring their pets to work tend to be more productive on the job. By having their companions with them during the day, employees spend less time worrying about leaving their pets home alone. For those who aren’t pet owners, lower stress levels and short breaks petting your coworker’s dog (reasons #1 and #2) will also lead to more productive focus time.
  5. THEY’RE JUST PLAIN CUTE. I might be a little biased, the little dog on the photo, well, she’s mine and she’s lovely!
Sydney is super cute.

by Jaime Hodge PencilWorks

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