Working in Positive Environments Boosts Productivity!

Have some fun!

Most people spend 8 hours a day or more in the office. Maintaining a professional environment is important — but that doesn’t mean it has to be dull. A happier employee will perform much better than a miserable one.

There are many ways you can be both fun and professional. And at PencilWorks, we want everyday to count. By encouraging coffee breaks with our free coffee, and meeting other PencilWorks Members in the lounge, to having small contests, or one of our many events, you will find yourself happier and more productive. Small things can do a wonder for morale!

PencilWorks believes in strong team spirit. As social beings, we naturally seek support from our peers and seek to belong to a group. This is where a sense of unity is evoked in the team and Members no longer feel that they are working for themselves, but as a team.

Not to mention, at PencilWorks, we make coming to work easy! As a Member, your business benefits from having a dedicated space.

NO HEADACHES. You save time and money when you have access to amenities like a receptionist, kitchen, and conference rooms. And unlike a coffee shop, you don’t have to ask someone to watch your computer when you go to the bathroom!

FLEXIBLE GROWTH: With a month-to-month commitment, you can upgrade as your business grows. PencilWorks has office spaces for up to 12-person teams, or combine spaces to create your own pod.

CONNECTIONS: You have access to unlimited ideas through our community of entrepreneurs. There’s always a new person to meet and a new opportunity to discuss.

There are so many reasons that you will enjoy being a Member with us at PencilWorks….

by Jamie Hodge at PencilWorks

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