Addicted to Self Improvement

It starts innocently enough. An impassioned recommendation usually: you absolutely have to read The Secret or Thinking Fast & Slow; watch Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk about body language or Tony Robins on invisible forces. You want to be a VC or run a startup, you NEED to read Ben, Peter, Fred, and Mark. And, and and.

I picked those because I’ve been at each of those crack pipes and then evangelised their virtues.

Why is this behaviour seemingly so addictive? Because in this frantically jostling digital life, we are desperate for a silver bullet. We’re gagging for that secret sauce, that cheat, that power-up. It’s both completely understandable and completely pathetic. It’s lazy and ego-driven.

There are few absolute truths, when it comes to success:

  1. Determine your goals as clearly as you can
  2. Work your ass off
  3. Enjoy the journey

Its not about discovering the secret that will propel you forward. There aren’t short-cuts hiding under rocks. All you need is already inside of you. Its about calming down, decommissioning your ego, and taking pleasure from the work that you are doing.

Still in recovery from this particular addiction, I can’t help but promote Ego is the Enemy as a great help in this de-cluttering process 😉. Maybe that’s the silver bullet to end all silver bullets?