How anti feminist minds work based on my recent interactions on a Doctor Who post;

- stating "while not all men actively engage in the patriarchy based oppression of women, ALL men benefit from that system and not enough men actively challenge that system" is proof you're a man-hating reverse sexist bigot attacking all men unfairly. You bitch.

- refusing to be swayed from proven demonstrable facts and statistics about patriarchal oppression makes you closed minded and rigid and unwilling to respect "different points of view", (that view being that feminists all hate men, misandry is real, and patriarchy doesn't exist), and therefore you're the equivalent of someone's racist aunt you ignore at family gatherings.

- calling out sexism and misogyny is something you only do because you're desperate to be the victim and you need to whine about imaginary injustices because you're too uptight and repressed. And totes obvs hate all men. You bitch.

- if you refuse to stop talking about oppression you're the reason everyone thinks feminism is a joke and talking about intersectionality and destroying MRA strawmen like the results of custody disputes makes you a tumblr feminist and no one should listen to you. You cunt.

- cunt cunt bitch slut dumb bitch stupid slut slutty cunt stupid slutty cunt bitch no I don't hate women stop lying you man hating harpy!

- stop hurting the menfolk's feefees! If you hurt their feefees they won't like me! I don't need feminism you man hating bitch! I just need to attack you so men will like me!

In other words? Men feefees good, women's equality bad, oppression is an imaginary victimhood fantasy and sticking to facts is close minded.

You bitch.

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