Maria Chappelle-Nadal Will Fight For Us in Washington

By Umar Lee

Representing the 1st District of Missouri takes a lot of energy. Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal has a lot of energy. Maria wakes early, sleeps late, and spends her days in the community always with the goal of helping others.

I witnessed this first-hand in Ferguson as Maria was on the streets early and often. Not content to stay in safe areas Maria often found herself in the line of fire coming home late at night smelling of teargas.

You can’t put Maria into a box. She’s non ideological. She does what is best for her constituents.

Whenever I’ve called on Maria she’s been there. She has helped Ferguson protesters in bad situations, asked me and other cab drivers about our industry, she has stood against Islamophobia and other forms of bigotry and when I asked her to speak to Jewish seniors on Martin Luther King Day she came without hesitation.

The problems of the district are severe. Some of the worst in the nation. High crime and poverty, poor police relations with the community, a heroin-epidemic, factories closing, vacant houses, poor public transportation, and the list goes on. These problems have only gotten worse over the last couple of decades. Finally we need someone in Washington who will advocate for our community.

Here is a video interview I did with Maria in the early days of Ferguson.