I’ve stopped and restarted Medium a couple of times for similar reasons.
Leslie Loftis

Miss Medium?

No you don’t. You’re just floating in an existential sea, looking for…anything.

You quit Medium, and missed it in between, or…not?

Felt compelled to come back and say something, or…not?

Tempted or infuriated by something in one of your feeds, or…just stumbled back in, late one night, wondering who or what was there?

Medium is, in a very real way, intellectual slumming. It is by and for untrained thinkers, like the High Street in Aberdeen on a Friday night; the place you go to brawl with cripples and midgets and the hopeless, helpless late night drunks who’ll have no idea, after the fact, whether they’ve won or lost or walked into a Rover in the parking lot.

Debating on Medium is nothing to be proud of; these aren’t contenders, they let anyone in the ring, unlike some of the other venues, that control the card, and the discussion.

Still, I’ve heard better arguments in bars than on Medium.