The Flow of History
Rick Fischer

I think Nassim’s not 100% right this time.

You’ll note his title, “The Most Intolerant Wins”.

One of the examples he uses is of Jewishness vs Muslimness. Jewish heritage passes only to children of Jewish mothers, very intolerant, while Muslim heritage passes to any children of any Muslim parent, less intolerant; however, strictly as a matter of numbers, which is what concerns Taleb, Jews have lost out to Muslims by an order of magnitude. In this case, the most intolerant lost.

I wrote to him and told him he must get rid of this example or, change his definition of intolerance. No reply — yet.

Black Swan was good although, it appears you’re already there; unforeseeable events, for which we can’t prepare, have larger consequences than the ones we can foresee and for which we can prepare.