They weren’t Muslims. But, my dear, they were.
Hamza Malik

Islamic violence against anyone not exactly like you isn’t just permitted by the Quran, it’s demanded by the Quran because, anyone who doesn’t believe exactly what you believe is an infidel and, infidels cannot be tolerated.

Since the Quran isn’t the inspired allegorical word of Allah but, the exact-in-every-detail, uneditable, immutable word of Allah, as recited to Muhammad by the angel Gabriel, being a Muslim but, not believing in the mandate to enslave or kill all infidels is like being a Lutheran but, not believing Jesus was the son of God or, a Catholic but, not believing the Pope is infallible.

I know people who are all these things, Muslims who claim not to believe in Sharia Law, Lutherans who don’t believe Jesus was the son of God or rose from the dead and, Catholics who think the Pope is a blithering Marxist idiot.

My question is — why? Why, if you don’t believe in the key items of faith posed by a religion, do you profess to be in and of that religion? If you don’t believe in Islamic conquest of infidels (as clearly commanded in the Quran) why call yourself a Muslim? Why be a Lutheran if you don’t believe Christ was holy? Why be a Catholic if you don’t believe in the Pope?

It appears to me the Quran is a handbook for subjugating ignorant, seventh century tribesmen. It worked but, has held back the social, financial and political evolution of those same people for over a millennium. If you want to be spiritual but have room to develop, convert, become a Christian or Hindu. If you want a guide to behavior, become a Buddhist. If you simply want to be free, become an atheist but…

…if you remain a Muslim I will always see you as a potential murdering Jihadi because, that’s what the Quran, your official holy book of faith and behavior demands of you.

Can you tell me there’s another way?

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