The Tragedy of Fritz Haber: The Monster Who Fed The World
Paul Barach

I’m afraid WW1 wasn’t that simple.

While I’d rework some of your phraseology and ditch some of your excessively graphic battlefield descriptions (Is this supposed to be a history or a comic book?), I know little about Haber, so I’ll accept the facts of your Haber narrative as stated. However…

“As Germany’s population grew along with their economy, the newly formed country became ambitious. The decision was made to further their status in the world by attacking France through Belgium.”

…is a totally inadequate, if not completely misleading explanation for WW1. Even though WW1’s cause may not impact your Haber narrative, to anyone aware of history, this simplistic statement sticks out like a sore thumb and makes one wonder if there might be more oversimplifications in your story.

If you plan on submitting this piece elsewhere, you should at least mention Sarajevo and the complex politics that really launched the war and produced the Treaty of Versailles and set Europe on course for the next devastating war.