On dating men with “potential”
Christy White

So none of us can transcend our current lives?

You gave examples of people who didn’t transcend their destructive issues, or the issues you didn’t like, then told us we fall for those who mirror our own issues, our own weaknesses.

Too bad. I was so hoping you could transcend that “potential” and become something but, given your examples, it’s not to be.

None of the people in your life could make it, could overcome their issues, so none of us can, including you? We are all destined never to be more than we are now? I wonder, if we could poll all the disappointments in your life, whether we might hear they were disappointed in you?

You’re critical of the cop;“ how seriously that officer endangered me” seemingly oblivious to the fact that you put yourself in the car and when you had a chance to get your dangerous driver off the road, you allowed him to fool the cop and drive on. Yet, it’s the cop’s fault?

One might wonder, exactly how hard you tried to help any of these people, because you seem more a participant than a reformer.

None of us are doomed to fail. We can all change. We can all succeed. Some need a little help along the way. Maybe things would have been different for some of these disappointing people if you’d actually helped them, instead of just observing their failings.

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