Trump’s Hate Fueled Rhetoric
Ronda Lee

Where’s a truth detector when you need one?

Sorry but, I’ve got to call “total fabrication” on this one.

The day a “young, college age Asian girl” in America, herself a member of a very small, much smaller than black American, and very apparent ethnic minority, some of whom have suffered from official US Government racism, calls a gay black man a “nigger” in public the cow will have jumped over the moon.

I realize Medium’s MO is to let people write what they want, and I realize Coffeelicious’ editors have no way of verifying the truth behind people’s submissions but, one would hope, certainly I would hope their truth detectors are sensitive enough to tell when a submission is complete and utter tripe, rubbish, a total fabrication…if you get my drift.

Are there rude and insensitive people in America? Many.

Are there racists in America? Sadly, there are.

Are there “young college age Asian girls” calling polite, inoffensive gay black men “niggers” on a public bus in America? No way.

And, by the way, how did we know the black man was gay?

Limp wrist? Bustier? Penny loafers? Did he wear a sign? Do all gay black men look alike?

Is it possible the bigot on the bus wasn’t the “young college age Asian girl” but, rather someone closer to us…?

Beyond that, what was the point of your story? What was it meant to teach us? You’ve collected a bunch of what you claim are facts and artificially connected them. The entire piece is a non sequitur.

And what did it have to do with Donald Trump? Was he on the bus? Does he call, or advocate calling gay black men “niggers”? Or, was an anti-Trump tag just a way to get the editors to feature your utterly pointless story?

Sure, Trump’s an objectionable person who, thankfully, it appears won’t get a chance to be one of the worst American Presidents in history but, exactly what did he have to do with your completely fabricated little tale?

Come on editors, step it up and do your jobs, and do them honestly. Letting people write whatever they want on the back page is one thing, featuring it is quite another.