Adam, this is the best, most rational political article that I’ve ever seen on Medium.
H Lines

Your thoughts about mass shooters are spot on.

They all leave behavioral tracks that friends and family chose to ignore.

Then, they murder innocent people and the law finally acts, and the people who ignored or refused to deal with their friend’s or relative’s problems before they killed blame inanimate objects (guns) for the results of their refusals to get involved. It can never be their faults for raising an emotionally ill child or ignoring the signs of a friend going off the rails; it has to be the fault of the one thing that had no choice in the matter — the gun.

Let me know what you think about this idea; cross checking first person shooter gaming with social media posts to predict shooters before they shoot.

We disagree about Trump but, this isn’t about him and, unlike Little MissLeading, I’m not going to use a Trump headline to grab readers. (Of course, we disagree about last month’s Trump. It’s a new month, and we’ve got a new Trump, which is part of my problem with him.)

He has a lifelong (40 year) public record of supporting open borders and gun control. For all of his adult life, except the last 18 months, Trump has supported open borders, more work visas and fewer guns. Just 2 years ago he said, during a public interview, he supported the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban and would favor reinstating it, then…he decided to run for President, now...he’s for a wall and gun rights? Or maybe not. It appears he’s rethinking the wall and deportation.

He’s basically taken both sides of every argument so, which is the real Trump? I care more about what people have done all of their lives than what they say when they’re running for office.