British Airway, dying or dead?

Since the advent of the growing monster that is IAG (International Airlines Group), BA has become just another brand of IAG. Willy Walsh, the Frankenstein of Airlines, has created a monster, and recruited smaller monsters and henchmen to help him run it, or should that be ruin it?

There are many stories that could be told of the last 5–10 years of utter destruction within BA, but let’s stick with the here and now.

IAG consist of many airlines, BA being one, Iberia and Vueling being 2 others; BA have subsidized Willies failing airlines while those airlines turned themselves around, but no recognition has been given to BA for their sterling work whilst much ado about nothing has been made of the flailing ailing airlines Willy has eagerly gobbled up.

But here’s the thing. This year (2015–16), BA declared profits of over £1.3Billion. IAGs profits ran to something like 2.3B Euros (approx. £1.8B) so as you can see, BA made the Lions share of that profit. As a reward to their battered and beaten staff, BA have continued to make huge redundancies in every department and are currently destroying IT; and just to rub it in they also announced a further pay cut to certain elements of their staff in defined benefit pension schemes; a pay cut of almost 5%.

Not only have they forced this cut onto those staff, it is actually BA’s NICs tax liabilities that they are forcing their staff to pay. Yes, you heard that right, BA are making their staff pay BAs NICs tax liabilities in order to make more money! £1.375 billion wasn’t enough for the corporate greed monsters; rewarding staff is not on their agenda even though it is those staff that volunteered to help out in times of trouble; took pay and pension cuts and worked hard to ensure BAs survival.

What does that have to do with the death of BA I here you ask? Well, take a walk around any of BA premises and you will realize morale is at it’s lowest ebb, staff are no longer proud to work for BA, they don’t trust their leadership and all faith has gone. It is the staff that have saved BA, the staff that suffered to ensure BA survived the last 10 years; it is the staff that made the difference and it is the staff that made BA the world renowned airline that it was; those staff no longer care, and all goodwill has been lost.

It was, and is, the staff that have made BA the envy of other airlines; without those staff BA are no longer the caring and considerate, capable and skilled organisation they used to be; employees are leaving in droves before they are pushed out in favor of outsourcing models. Staff are sick and tired of being ill-treated by their leadership, and in fact even the leadership are tired of it and the CEO and CFO are both leaving this staggering giant of the British stage. In comes the Vueling CEO who has openly stated his discontent at the cost saving measures of the incumbent CEO and plans on making even more cuts and sweeping changes once installed at BAs head. He is in effect Willies personal little monster, primed and ready to do his masters bidding in search of ever greater profits, and propping up the Frankenstein monster that is IAG.

It’s sad to see this once great stalwart of British industry given over to an uncaring and greedy conglomerate ran by corporate beasts bent on squeezing every last drop of profit from not only their organisations, but their once willing and proud staff who just want a rest from the relentless years of battering and punishment.

Alas, poor BA! I knew him, my friend; a fellowship of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy; hath borne me on his back a thousand times; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it. Here hung those mores that I have missed I know not how oft now. Where be your gibes now? Your gambols? Your songs? Your flashes of merriment, that were wont to set the world on a roar?