As the general election comes to an end, we’re focusing on standing together

The People For Bernie Sanders 2016 was established before Bernie Sanders launched his campaign with one goal in mind. Believe it or not, that goal wasn’t to elect Bernie Sanders. It was to build the progressive movement in the United States and empower the grassroots.

We couldn’t be sure that Bernie would win or blow up as he did to win more than 20 states and get 13,000,000 votes. We did know that having him run in the Democratic Primary would energize millions of Americans and put ‘democratic socialism’ firmly in the center of our political discourse.

After we lost what many call a ‘rigged’ primary, we had to endure a difficult transition. What next? What to do about the divisions in our movement? What did ‘winning’ mean when Hillary Clinton was the Democratic nominee, and Bernie Sanders was giving her a full throated endorsement?

We saw two options. The first, was to push a specific choice, and tell those who disagreed with us to change, or shut up, or insult them. This path was well trod by supporters of Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein, and folks who support writing in Bernie’s name.

The second, was to focus on issues and strategies that keep the larger ‘we’ as unified as possible. To emphasize issues, downballot champions, and the need for us to come together starting on Nov. 9th as a community that can influence the next administration with people power. Whatever our disagreements, we want to get rid of student debt, prevent future wars, regulate Wall Street, stop the TPP, raise the minimum wage, end police murder, and address climate change — for starters.

We are part of a broad political coalition that opposes Trump and supports the many grassroots efforts of those who were part of the Bernie Sanders campaign. We think this best reflects why we started People for Bernie, and what we intend on doing in the future. After all, we aren’t going anywhere, and we hope you aren’t either.

Thank you for all the support so far. We hope to keep this community together for a long time to come. Please vote what makes the most sense for you locally, and remember that if we ensure Trump only gets 37% of the popular vote, it will be the biggest loss in major party presidential history. That’s what we want, but we also want to flip the Senate and make America’s best, most popular Senator the most powerful. As the election comes down to an end, we ask to please reserve your likes, comments and shares for the voices building something up; not those who tear each other down. This is a movement built on love, and it’s important to respect that not everyone is casting the same vote, but on November 9th, we all choose to stay involved in the democratic process. Together.

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