People for Bernie Endorses Shanti Lewallen for Oregon Senate

One of the best things about the Bernie community that we helped cultivate, is how many of you are committed to the Political Revolution for the long term. One of the dividing questions has to do with supporting a 3rd Party. Although we recognize that most of us will be voting for Clinton(many on the Working Families Party line where available), we never endorsed her out of respect for those who feel it isn’t the best local solution. Regardless of who you vote for for President, we’ve never questioned your desire to form a strategy to overcome corporate Democrats.

We are, however, endorsing down ballot third party candidates. This includes the federal Senate race in Oregon. Here we have a 3rd party progressive, a solid progressive and union member, running against a TPP-supporting corporate Democrat. We have spent over 4 years opposing The TPP and starting November 9th, we’ll be escalating that battle.

People for Bernie is proud to endorse Shanti Lewallen for Senate against Ron Wyden

Shanti is a lawyer representing workers and injured parties in Oregon. By night, he works on the docks as a longshoreman throughout the Northwest. He has decades of experience in grassroots progressive politics. Raised by environmentalist anti-war activists, he was drawn to the anti-war movement in the lead-up to the Afghanistan and Iraq invasions and participated in organizing and protests.

This is precisely the kind of challenger we want to present to the 1%. It sends a message, AND it builds long term power. What it won’t do, is put a Republican in the Senate. Mathematically, if all all of us voted for Shanti, Ron Wydan would still win, and that’s good for taking back the Senate, but we’re joining with the Working Families Party to send a message to Wyden that his corporate trade agenda is not endorsed by our movement.

Our goal is to reach 5% of the vote, and with your help, we can:

Note: Shanti is running on the Working Families Party line. This race is a notable example of the WFP can — and is — playing an important role in advancing progressive power. In Oregon, you can donate up to $50 to a political campaign, and the state will reimburse you! Known as the Oregon Political Tax Credit, it’s mean to help fight the concentration of power among those with lots of money to donate. This helps even the playing field. If you’re from Oregon — please take advantage of it!