Achieving Success in Sourcing Your Freelance Projects

When you and your company decide to embrace the talent cloud, it is a bit of a paradigm shift. You are entering the freelance economy and you want to achieve success in sourcing your freelance projects. You may need a project manager, a writer, a blogger, a community manager, general accounting, etc.

Whatever your needs it is a learning process to navigate. There are several choices out there. Some are monetized job boards; others are hybrid companies. All are in the cloud.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

To succeed communicate well. Tell the candidates about your company, your company culture and the skillsets required for the project. Write a powerful description that can be understood by a multi-cultural and diverse workforce. Avoid these 5 common mistakes hiring a freelancer.

Convey Your Goals and Objectives While Hiring Freelancers

In addition to the posting outline your selection criteria:

  1. What are the elements makes a freelance contractor stand out (cover letter, work samples, references)?
  2. How do you weight criteria? Certifications, assessments, ratings?
  3. Are you looking for price performance?
  4. Do you want candidates with years of experience or early to the marketplace?

Short List Freelance Candidates

The next step is the search and developing the short list of freelance candidates. Then make contact to see if they are interested and available. Also be prepared to hear from many candidates that did not make your initial list.

Interview the Shortlisted Freelancers

Interview your top candidates is ideal. It is a great opportunity to talk and connect. Both the candidate and you should decide if you want to move on. Ask them for a proposal!

Draw a Freelance Proposal for Shortlisted Candidates

After your meeting the freelancer should a) ask more questions or b) put together a proposal outlining their approach to the project complete with timelines and estimated price.

Define the Statement of Work for Freelancers

The proposal will now become the statement of work. Again this is the opportunity to pre-agree on the terms and conditions. This is vital for every level of position.

Gain Commitment of Freelancers

The freelance project has begun. Deliverables are being delivered. Well, unfortunately not always. Sometimes you do not have time to commit to the project. Perhaps the freelancer needs more supervision than you anticipated. Or even worse, the freelancer over promised and under delivered. In any case started out as a good project ended in failure. And many times, the freelancer meet your expectations. Sometimes they even excel!

Give Freelancers’ Ratings on Freelance Projects

In the end you do have the opportunity to rate the freelancer typically a five star rating and a brief statement.

The People as a Service Approach to Freelance Economy

While the above approaches have worked, we found ways to make them even better.

  1. We provide you with comprehensive toolkits to help you create a compelling project outline. It allows you to be well understood leaving little to interpretation.
  2. You provide us with your freelance project outline and we will select the top candidates for the job. These are proven people in your specific discipline. This saves countless hours typing in keywords and searching through endless freelancers’ profiles. You interview the candidates and make a selection.
  3. We also provide our freelance candidates with toolkits so they can best write effective proposals and statements of work when selected for the freelance project.
  4. And finally, we provide you with numerous ways to engage. We also provide continuous feedback opportunities during the project. If issues arise, we are able to immediately turn it around.

People as a Service allows you access to freelancers — just one click away

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