Hiring Freelancers! — Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes

The Future of Work is already here as we are living in the most incredible times of change and new possibilities. According to @intuit, by 2020 more than 40 percent of the American workforce will be freelancers, contractors or temporary workers as the economy is shifting towards hiring freelancers. Moreover, this number is expected to rise in future as our current economy is trending towards Freelance Economy.

Freelance Economy will become fundamental for the success of companies or businesses of future. There are still some mistakes we make when it comes to searching for the right freelancer for a specific task or project and hiring them.

1. Selecting the Right Qualified Freelancer

Many freelancers promote themselves with as many skills as they can without actually being very good at all of them; and even if the freelancer has the skill, it is hard to know if they will actually perform it on time and with the required quality. The understanding between the company and the freelancer can become an issue.

2. Resolve Ambiguity in Job Description While Hiring Freelancers

Companies sometimes use specific words or internal languages that the freelancer will not understand, especially if he is from a different country. The directions can be unclear and the results will not be as expected.

3. Missing Follow up and Lack of Communication

Lack of communication between the freelancer and the company during the development of the task; no follow up until the deadline which can result in the missing understanding of the scope.

4. Verify and Validate Freelancers’ Evaluation

90% of all freelancers on freelance portals are rated with 4 or 5 stars and there is no real evaluation of their jobs. Some of this platforms allow the freelancer to manage their ratings or even avoid certain comments that are not beneficial for their profile.

5. Resolve Payment Issues to Freelancers

There is always a risk when we pay directly to the freelancer: wrong payment information, early payments before the job could be fully understood and proved, hourly payment without any control, etc.

How Freelancers Can Meet the Demand of Hiring Companies?

It is convenient to get helped defining and managing the process, thinking like the freelancer and communicating using their language in a way that we can provide the information clearly and the detailed instructions for the job to be completed just like the company requires.

Freelancers must be pre-qualified through personal interviews and skill assessments before being approved for a specific project. We should be able to get an honest and critical evaluation of every freelancer; this will be very useful when we are looking for the right freelancer for our work.

How People as a Service Can Help you Hire Qualified Freelancers?

One of the best practices is to use a trusted advisor to avoid many of the common problems of working with freelancers. Companies like People as a Service work with an approved platform that controls payments through the most trustful settlement process; the freelancers can only work with this software installed on their devices. In order to get the most out from the Freelance Economy, we need to be able to integrate quality freelancers easily into our business since they are the key talent we need to stay competitive and grow.