This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Outsourcing

It’s that time of the year, when everyone is trying to find the perfect gift for their colleagues and loved ones. While you’re making up your list of ideal offerings, remember to include yourself and your business, and give the gift of outsourcing.

You might not think of outsourcing as a gift, but it really is. Your employees work hard for you all year, and they want the business to be successful as much as you do. They are undoubtedly as committed to your business plan and vision as you are, but that doesn’t mean they are the best-fit person to complete all the work that is required. Sometimes, a talented freelancer is the ideal choice, because they can successfully perform work that needs to be done, but is not the reason why you opened your business in the first place.

The examples are numerous: Any business requires someone to file the taxes and keep track of the financials. Instead of surveying your team for the person who earned the highest grades in math, you can outsource that work to a freelancing accountant, and be assured that your taxes are being filed and supervised expertly and professionally.

Or perhaps you have an innovative business idea, including very talented people to bring it to fruition, but you don’t know how to navigate social media to best market yourself and your business. You could ask around the office and assign your marketing strategy to the first person on your payroll who already has a Twitter account, or you could outsource to a talented, freelancing social media marketer, who will ensure your business has the best possible appearance and impact on all the leading social media sites.

You already know that your business team wants your business to succeed. It is true that some people, when given a job that is outside their skill set, will rise to the challenge and produce what is needed. But it is also true that many will do the best they can, but their best won’t be the best that can be done by someone already talented and experienced in that arena. Don’t burden your employees with tasks that they can’t do well, instead give them the gift of freelancing, and watch your business bloom.

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