Why Use a Freelancer? The Real Question is, Why Haven’t You Used One Yet?

Freelancing, virtualization, a global network: These are all aspects of the future of work that are already here now, if you’re willing to jump into the new way of doing business.

Nobody in business wants to take unnecessary risks, but outsourcing doesn’t have to be risky; with the support that People as a Service provides, the only question you’ll have will be: Why didn’t I hire freelancers sooner?

The reasons to outsource work to freelancers are almost as numerous and varied as the freelancers themselves. First, outsourcing will allow you to focus on the work tasks that are most important to you, if you know that talented freelancers are doing the other jobs that you either don’t enjoy or don’t have the correct talent and skill set for. You started your business to provide a service to your community and fill a hole in the market, but that doesn’t mean you can market your product effectively, can write your blog posts every week, or can keep up with billing and accounting. Or maybe you need to redesign your website, write a grant, or design a new brochure. You can’t do all that yourself, but you need all aspects of your business to shine and show you to your best advantage. Maybe you have someone in the office who can do a few of those tasks, but your best bet is to hire a freelancer who is a specialist in the tasks you need completed, so that you and your team can focus on the work that you love to do.

Another reason to outsource with People as a Service is to save time. Even if you’ve decided to hire a freelancer, now you have to sift through resumes and try to find someone who is a good fit. Instead, we do that work for you. All our freelancers are known to us; we’ve vetted and interviewed them and are very aware of their skills and talents. This allows us to recommend the best fit freelancer for your job. After you have discussed your job requirements and timetable with us, we will assign a freelancer to you who we know will meet your needs and complete your work within the timeframe you set up and for a price that will pleasantly surprise you.

Don’t delay in joining the virtual economy by outsourcing the jobs you aren’t as enthusiastic about completing. People as a Service will stand by your side the whole way, and we’re sure you’ll find yourself wondering why you didn’t join with us sooner to hire talented freelancers and enhance your business.

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