Stanford’s Annie Vleck recounted her experience upgrading Stanford’s alumni mentoring program. It’s full of helpful tips for running a successful mentoring program.

“I wanted to reimagine a formal mentoring program that would do more for today’s students and alumni. I’ll share what I learned in the hope that it can help you at your own institution, regardless of the tools you use or the size of your program.”

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Only 17% of grads who visited their schools career center report that it helped them. A recent Gallup report explains this low number by examining four factors that significantly influence how helpful students find career services.

The bottom line? Simply visiting career services may help students, but having a positive, high quality experience there does much more for students’ success in later life and makes them more likely to give back to their school as alumni.

Check out our infographic to learn more.

Read the full Gallup study here.


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