Social Selling is Legitimate

PeopleLinx is proof itself that social selling works. For the month just ended (November 2015), we’ve experienced 4x increase in revenue over the same month in the prior year. If you are in the world of marketing or sales, you’ve certainly heard the term “social selling” by now. The concept has been met with its fair share of skepticism. What is social selling? Is it necessary? Does it work? What’s the ROI? It wasn’t too long ago when “social media marketing” was new and different but eventually, designated agencies and roles were created for it specifically. At PeopleLinx, we believe that same phenomenon is happening right now with social selling.

Research shows that salespeople who are using social for selling have 45% more opportunities per quarter and are 51% more likely to hit quotas*. B2B companies that were early adopters of the practice are pulling ahead, and it’s no surprise the rest are now scrambling to jump on before they’re left too far behind.

Further illustrating the clear shift in urgency of sales leaders is evidenced by the 100% increase in the number of new clients we secured in 2015 (over 2014). B2B companies now understand the critical need for their sales team to leverage social networks as part of their sales process. In other words, social selling has become a priority.

Realizing this growing market urgency, in early November, we launched PeopleLinx 4, the newest version of our award-winning platform for social selling guidance. New functionality includes automated Twitter listening, enhanced Gamification and metrics, deeper integration with CRM, and a robust training curriculum. The addition of Twitter listening to the product suite cemented our status as the most comprehensive social selling tool on the market. PeopleLinx delivers all five pillars of social selling: personal branding/credibility, connecting, content sharing, measuring, and now social listening from top to bottom of the sales funnel.

Further evidence of the market shift was recently made clear by VentureBeat, who reported that $200 million has been invested in vendors focused on sales acceleration.

With the release of PeopleLinx 4, the number of clients integrating social selling to their CRM doubled this quarter. Sales leaders understand there’s far more to social selling than having a good profile on LinkedIn and sharing good content. True social selling allows a salesperson to be fully engaged throughout the sales funnel–from identifying prospects, nurturing leads, scheduling meetings, to closing deals. A truly comprehensive social selling platform additionally allows you to measure adoption, activity, lead and opportunity influence, and tangible business outcome.

PeopleLinx offers in-depth analytics and data within the platform to provide meaningful insight. Measure and track data including, content shared, impressions and clicks generated, leads identified, meetings scheduled, and opportunities and deals influenced by social. PeopleLinx offers complete transparency on the effectiveness of your social selling investment.

The future of social selling is bright. Despite the progress made in 2015, we believe the wave has yet to crest and anticipate 2016 to be a watershed year.

Written by PeopleLinx CEO, Kevin O’Nell and as seen on the PeopleLinx blog.