World Refugee Day: A Day for Humans not Numbers

What does the word ‘refugee’ mean to you?

Around the world today 65.6 million people, a number equivalent to 1 in every 113 people or the entire population of the United Kingdom, have been displaced from their homes. This number includes 22.5 million refugees.

When you start counting people in millions, or as fractions of the global population, the individual humans disappear almost entirely.

Yet, somehow, it is easier to present refugees and internally displaced people as numbers. It is much harder to see the human figures within the numerical ones; to bring humanity to the enormity.

Today, 20th June, is Refugee Day; a day to commemorate the strength, courage and perseverance of refugees and internally displaced persons. People in Need supports Syrian refugees and internally displaced people in many countries, including Syria and Ukraine.

This week, in an effort to re-focus on the humans and not the numbers, People in Need and Alliance2015 partner Welthungerhilfe, asked our staff at the Syria missions:

‘What does the word ‘refugee’ mean to you?’

Find out what they said…

More videos can be found on the Facebook page of our Alliance2015 partner Welthungerhilfe

Refugee Day: a day for humans not numbers.