A new redemption program for PWV: You can now use PWV as payment for Peoplewave’s software & services

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide value to our token investors, we are delighted to announce as promised, one of our improvements to our blockchain solution for HR.

As of today, PWV token holders will be able to redeem their tokens for use of Peoplewave’s software. As the suite of Peoplewave’s applications and services are rolled out and the quality of our Wavebase expands, this currently represents an incredible value proposition for holders of PWV who wish to use Peoplewave’s services — now and in the future. Initially, you can use PWV to buy our First 100 Days and Performance Wave (professional edition) products. Later, as we rollout more cloud-based and blockchain tools, you will be able to use PWV to purchase these too.

You can now use PWV tokens to buy Peoplewave software and services

Simply, the program and redemption facility works like this:

· Before today, you could only buy our software, such as First 100 Days, or our services for fiat currency ($USD).

· From today, we will accept PWV (in addition to fiat and credit card) for all products and services.

· We will initially peg our redemption facility at USD $0.10 (USD 10 cents) but the PWV token price will rise as our sales volume increases.

· The amount of PWV tokens needed will be at the pegged redemption facility price, currently set at USD $0.10.

- Therefore, First 100 Days = USD $199.00, or 1990 tokens.

- Performance Wave (professional edition) = USD $7.00, or 70 tokens per month.

· Furthermore, Peoplewave will increase the redemption facility price as the company’s revenue targets are met.

· For every $1million in revenue generated at Peoplewave, the redemption facility peg will rise by $0.01 (USD 1 cent/$0.01).

· Therefore, the amount of PWV tokens required by a prospective customer will drop accordingly. For example, when the redemption facility reaches USD$0.20,

- First 100 Days = USD $199.00 or 995 tokens.

- Performance Wave (professional edition) = USD $7.00, or 35 tokens per month.

- This is a further 50% discount to the current redemption facility, greatly rewarding those who get in early and assist Peoplewave in completing our ongoing ICO and capital raising.

What Does this Mean for PWV buyers and token holders?

Currently, and throughout the remainder of the ICO process, this represents an incredible value proposition for PWV holders and future users of our software products and services. For future users of Peoplewave’s software:

· You can secure your tokens now to lock in incredible discounts on the services Peoplewave offer now and in the future.

· By buying in a significant quantity of PWV, your tokens you do not use immediately will gradually increase in purchasing power, as it will take less and less PWV to access our services.

· Therefore, by securing your PWV now, you are ensuring your current discount not only for now, but your discount will increase over time as the amount of tokens required to use Peoplewave will gradually decrease over time as the company expands it presence.

Using PWV as a currency for HR services and software

With this first announcement you can now use PWV tokens to buy Peoplewave’s software, but this is just the beginning. We are currently now in negotiations with other software vendors and HR services companies, that will allow you to purchase additional products beyond Peoplewave. The goal is to make PWV a stronger utility platform for access HR products and services, with a view to becoming the global standard.

More announcements on Peoplewave, PWV, our partners, customers and plans will follow…