Feedback In the Workplace can be awkward. Here’s how you can make it less awkward.

Yeah, we’ve all been there.

Let’s talk about some of those scenarios and how you can put that awkward fire out.

1.) You think you’ve been doing well after a year in the company so you gain the courage to ask your boss for a raise and he or she tells you that you still need to improve on some things.

Well, that’s tough. But it’s probably better that he or she told you instead of taking disciplinary action at any of the times they could have. Take this as an opportunity to ask your boss what you need to improve on.

Sit down with them and set some goals. Take some personal time and plan out how you are going to accomplish those goals. Then work on them. Your boss will most likely respect you more and want to help you achieve getting that raise too.

2.) A colleague gives you some bad feedback but you find out through your manager or boss.

Well, getting feedback about your work through gossip from a colleague isn’t the nicest way to hear about it. Some people aren’t so great at being transparent. But they most likely went to the manager out of concern and didn’t know how to tell you.

It’s about the work though. Not about you. Everyone’s priority is the work. Take it as an opportunity to find out more of what they said from the manager and see where you went wrong. Just be objective and then use this to build a relationship with the manager by setting some 1 on 1 time to discuss some goals and what you can do to fix the work issues.

3.) You have your first performance review after your on-boarding and you find out that you aren’t performing as per their expectations.

Sometimes we are oblivious because we did so well in our prior company and it seems like everyone around you likes you. So you might just think you are doing well and then you find out you aren’t during your review.

Again, it’s probably not about you. It’s about your work performance. Different companies have different goals and needs so you might have left a few things out that are important to them in your personal performance goals.

Discuss the feedback in the performance review your managers gave you. Request some 1 on 1 time with them to set some objectives. Then work on them. Sometimes your manager might be busy so take note of the feedback and make a list. Turn that list into objectives.

4.)You feel unsettled about an employee’s performance in the workplace and want to say something about it but don’t know what to say that wouldn’t cause hurt feelings.

Just do it anyways. But it doesn’t have to be condescending. The best way is to collect some materials and tools that could help them out. Shoot them an email and say “ Hey, I saw this and thought it might help you out”. It’s up to them if they take it personally and that’s not really your problem. Everyone needs to be a team player and understand they are working together. That means, your feedback is a good part of that process with helping out.

5.) You’re in a team meeting and someone criticises your work passively.

The most awkward thing is going into a meeting to discuss a project with colleagues and have someone criticise your work and suggests something better. Take it as a chance to listen and take what they said as points to add to your work.

6.) There’s that employee who just rubs you the wrong way and you don’t know how to say anything about it.

There’s always the annoying employee in the office or someone who does certain things to bug you. Maybe their workflow style crams yours and it’s frustrating to work with. Whatever it is, you don’t have to tell them you have a problem.

Maybe you don’t really understand them either so spend some time to understand them. It might help how you work with them. Suggest things to help them. It’s constructive feedback that won’t make it awkward.

But lets face it, feedback in the workplace is absolutely necessary. If you want to improve and you want others around you to improve, you have to be there to help them get better. The best way is to give them constructive feedback and not reactive feedback. It’s easier said than done but why not set the trend for doing so!

The biggest mistake some people make is just leaving the feedback up to the annual review. It’s the people and not the tools that are giving the feedback. The tools are just there to help delegate.

That being said, tools do help HR managers and employees keep track of their performance. Do your part to give as much helpful feedback you can and don’t take offence to any feedback you get. Get more involved and get some employee feedback tools for the office space! You can try out Performance Wave tool that does just that for free!

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