Meet The Team Monday: CJ Ronxel Cabug-os, Developer

Welcome to the tenth instalment of Meet The Peoplewave Team Monday #MTPTM! Many of you are curious about what it’s like to work at Peoplewave and want to meet the team behind the scenes. Here’s your chance!

This week, we have CJ, Peoplewave’s resident developer and coding craftsman.

Check out his works on our recent ICO project where we start on a very exciting chapter of harnessing the power of Blockchain solutions to create a world where recruitment and background checks are revolutionised.

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You’ve seen his work, now learn more about CJ as he shares with us his story and what it’s like to be working at Peoplewave.

1) Could you share with us a bit more about yourself before coming to work at Peoplewave?

Before completing my college degree I had a part-time job as Production Assistant in a graphic studio where I learned photography, photo editing and basic designs and concept. 2 years ago I started my career as Junior Web Developer here in Davao City in a small company which opened an opportunity for me and also served as my training ground on the field of IT industry.

Over the past few years I have been working in various companies. I was able to have a chance to explore cool and interesting things about Web Development with the help of my co-workers/friends who trusted my skills and abilities which also encouraged me to learn more and sharpen my skills around my passion.

2) What are your favorite parts of your job?

The best thing about my job is not just the job itself but the people I work with. I mean I get to work with a job that I really love and I get to work with people who are very passionate on what they are doing. Everyone is truly inspiring and uplifting. We treat everyone as a friend. And as a team, we collaborate and help each other. It is a friendly and loving workplace, that is what I observed since the day I started working at Peoplewave.

3) What made you want to do developing work?

Web Developer was not my first career option. When I started college, I took a Maritime course on a well known school in Davao City. Due to financial challenge, I stopped after a year. I guess I was just not meant to become a seafarer. Anyway, I was fortunate to be given a scholarship and then I proceeded taking a different degree in a different University, Computer Technology course. I was astounded and amazed when I found that there were programming units. I was challenged by a challenging course in a challenging University. I learned programming languages such as C++.

VB.NET and Java for Android Development. The best part in my entire school years was to be able to create, develop and build working and useful Web-based Applications. Later, I learned about PHP language, which is on of the most popular and leading platform when making powerful Web Applications. That started my journey that led me to become Web Developer, I learned to teach and motivate myself. Being a Web Developer learning is a continuous process. I crave for more knowledge and everyday I learn new things.

4) What do you usually do everyday at work?

Every morning, before I go to work, I accustomed myself on checking my emails and work communication channels if there are group messages or direct messages that concern with my tasks, as well as getting important updates from work. I also check my social media accounts where some valuable resource updates are being shared by our official work groups/pages. When I’m in the office I work my assigned task; collaborating with the team like sharing new cool things and ideas. On my free time at work, I always check, fix bugs and exploring new tools.

5) Do you have any hobbies or interest outside of work?

I love spending every weekend at home; helping household chores, cooking, doing my laundry and spending quality time with my family like watching movies together. I love singing, in fact my favorite genres are Indie and OPM music. My dancing skills are not exceptional but dancing is also my outside interest. I love pets such as dogs and ornamental fishes. I used to own few betta fishes.

About CJ

I am a Full-stack web developer at Peoplewave based here in Davao and has attained a Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology from The University of Southeastern Philippines. Previously, I worked for multiple Tech companies in the areas of web applications development.

I am proficient with developing on the following platforms; HTML, CSS, JQuery, Ajax, Javascript frontend frameworks (Angular and VueJS), Codeigniter and Laravel. I am also an active member of public groups for programmers here in Davao City.

About Peoplewave

Peoplewave is Asia’s leading blockchain-ready HR software company. It is revolutionising people management with data-driven, transparent feedback and verified performance data. Peoplewave offers 3 key products — the “First 100 Days”: a new hire onboarding tool; “Performance Wave”: continuous 360-degree performance appraisals; And the “HR Command Centre” analytics suite, which unlocks employee data and insights.

Peoplewave’s software suite is blockchain-ready — its blockchain platform is called “Wavebase”. Wavebase is a revolutionary platform that provides ongoing verified employee performance information that will change the face of hiring and managing workplace talent.