Our change in strategic direction — free software and focus on employee data

In Peoplewave’s first year and half of operations, we have created our first two amazing products, First 100 Days for new hire onboarding, and Performance Wave, our data-driven appraisal and feedback tool. We’ve learned a lot. Importantly, we’ve listened to our customers, partners and stakeholders feedback about how we can best live up to our purpose of making work fair — this is by shifting our focus to becoming an employee data company. We’ve realised that having transparent data from your manager, team members and customers gives each employee the power to understand and improve their performance. We also strongly believe that employees need to own this data. Every individual has a right to their complete employee information, development information and on-the-job performance data. We’re now moving to solve these problems.
 We have found gaps and challenges in our business model. First, if you’re asking for companies to pay for our Performance Wave software, this is fundamentally limiting the number of companies that use our platform. Our goal is to make our software a global standard, and if its unaffordable, then we’re limiting our growth. So therefore, I’m very please to announce that we are making our performance appraisal too, Performance Wave, available for free. At no cost to businesses or to employees. Of course, there’s a freemium model as well if you’re looking for deeper insights and more customisation. Try it now and tell your friends — sign-up online for free here.

Here’s the full suite of our line of products (optimized to fit multiple screens)

We have also found that our First 100 Days tool has amazing traction for companies that are spending an enormous amount of money hiring people, but very little keeping them engaged or setting the right expectations of them when they join. We’ve found that a poor onboarding experience, where the new employee doesn’t know who their stakeholders are, what is expected of them and what goals they need to achieve is frustrating and makes good people leave. We’ve realigned the pricing of First 100 Days to US $199 per employee. That’s it, a flat fee for each new hire. It’s less than the cost of a team lunch in the first week on the job! Please get in touch with us to go through a demo or to discuss a pilot project.

Finally, we’re moving fast on our blockchain recruitment solution, Wavebase, and we’ll be making some exciting announcements about new customers, partnerships and updates shortly. Stay tuned!