Peoplewave is a winner of Season 7 of the Startup-O programme

4 min readJan 7, 2019


4 January 2019, SingaporePeoplewave, Asia’s leading data-driven HR software company, has emerged as one of the Top 5 winners in the Startup-O programme out of hundreds of startups that registered for Season 7 of the programme. The programme recognises very promising fast-growth startups and helps provide support and funding in their entrepreneurship journey.

“We’re very proud to be a top 5 winner of the Startup-O programme. At Peoplewave, we are passionate about what we do — making work fair and putting people first in people management. This win reaffirms that we’re on the right track and that there’s a strong demand for actionable data in improving people management,” said Damien Cummings, CEO of Peoplewave. “Peoplewave is a pioneer in the HR tech space, being one of the few companies trying to help HR reinvent people management. We’re here to fix HR and we are making a difference. This accolade is another victory for us as we look to close our Series A funding in early 2019.”

Matthew Streeton, COO of Peoplewave

Peoplewave COO, Matthew Streeton commented: “We’ve seen how the HR function has become overworked and compliance-driven; and there’s not enough attention given to retaining, engaging or developing employees. Most managers haven’t been effectively trained in people management or have simply been thrust into these roles without guidance, mentoring or adequate support. Peoplewave is actively changing this. Winning the Startup-O programme will certainly help to move this vision forward, faster.”

The Startup-O programme commenced in September 2018 and the startups were judged by a panel of experts based on many composite factors such as technology, financial models and interactions with investors over the course of 4 months. The final ranking of the contestants is not disclosed but Peoplewave achieved top 5 winner status.

Anuj Jain, CEO of Startup-O

Anuj Jain, Co-founder & CEO of Startup-O said: “We discover and invest in promising high traction tech startups blending the art of expert assessments and science of decision algorithms to eliminate individual biases. We believe in supporting promising ventures and it was great to witness Peoplewave rising up as a finalist and now becoming an integral part of the Startup-O community. We will continue to support Peoplewave in their journey forward. We’re looking forward to seeing them succeed in their objectives.”


Peoplewave is Asia’s leading and fastest-growing HR software company powered by cloud and blockchain technology. It is revolutionising people management with data-driven, transparent feedback and verified employee performance data, turning it into actionable data for companies worldwide. Peoplewave’s mission is to make work fair and put people first in people management, in order to bring fairness, transparency, data-driven decision making and humanity to the workplace.

Peoplewave currently offers several key HR solutions: First 100 Days, a new hire strategic onboarding tool; Performance Wave, a continuous 360-degree performance appraisals platform; and HR Command Centre, an analytics suite that unlocks the power of company and employee data. All of these tools will integrate into Peoplewave’s new blockchain platform, Wavebase, a revolutionary platform that provides ongoing authenticated employee performance information that will change the face of hiring and managing workplace talent.

Recognised as a disruptor in HR technology, Peoplewave was listed as APAC CIO Outlook Magazine’s “Top 50 Most Promising Enterprise Startups 2017” and Singapore Business Review’s “20 Hottest Startups 2018”. Peoplewave is also a Top 5 winner of the 2018 Startup-O Fasttrack programme.

Peoplewave is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in Philippines, Hong Kong and Australia.

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It deploys a proprietary process which combines the art of assessment by domain experts and science of algorithms to discover promising tech start-ups from across the region. The chosen startups get speedy access to Seed Capital from Singapore managed venture fund & Global Experts network from across 15 countries.

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