You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

Whoo Boy. All these panty-bunchers in one place… How can I even?

Guess what, Ladies!?! It’s not about you. It’s. Not. About. YOU.

You. The individual person that is living your own experience. The one who’s getting all defensively bent outta shape over this article.

This isn’t about you the individual, it’s about systems of oppression. That idea can be pretty overwhelming, and abstract enough that people don’t relate well to it, or think that it applies to them.

So the author used a bit of creative license and wrote it ‘directly’ at YOU to simplify the narrative and make the point. And you took it personally. And started whining and b!tching about how you’re the fabulous Carrie Bradshaw of you’re own life, thankyouverymuch, and you have no *time* for this oppression BS.

Except that most each and every one of you has dealt with any of the issues described or you know someone who has. There’s REAMS of data on this stuff; do you just not live on the planet with the rest of us? Well aren’t you *special*?

I’m no fainting nelly and I’ve got a pretty dammed great life; Sweet Human to share it with, Good Work, Friends, Creative Life. Amazingly Blessed! And I’m still impacted by this shit, so was my Mom, and MIL and Gran’ma’s and sisters, cousins, friends.

There’s no need to deny it and pretend it doesn’t impact women or the rest of the planet, acting all uncomfortable with our own vulnerability because it’s easier to stick fingers in ears and LALALALALALAAA. I just get my ‘hawk and sh!tkickers activated and take care of biznez. Quit sitting on your hands telling yourself lies and get to work to make life better for all of us. #GetUpStandUp

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