Track My Record – My Daily Music Production Studio Accountability Notes

So the idea is to share with the world daily what I’ve set myself to do in the studio that day, and then, what I’ve actually accomplished!

Often the two don’t really match… I’m here to change it!

09:40 – wanted to be earlier on the bus down to the studio , but how else do people squeeze in: * 7–8hrs sleep * shower * breakfast and cleaning the dishes * a bit of meditation (for the mind) * a bit of yoga/stretches (for the body) * and doing it in a calm manner, not rushed/stressed?

If anyone reads this, please share your trick.

(#musicnote that change in the chord progression of Wilhelm Scream half way through the song always excites me so much! The brilliance of James Blake is all there in that moment)

Anyhow, even if I would have gone one the 08:30 bus, the road would be then sooo busy it would’ve taken me nearly double the time to commute.

So what’s on the menu today?

1) finish the mix fixes I’ve been requested and promised to deliver.

2) complete arrangement and bounces of that old track so I can finally forward to the mix engineer at least one track! He needs to work on something!

3) have a quick listen to the tracks and stems I’ve been sent as a preparation to a gig I’m playing on soon

[there’s more to do but I’m trying to be realistic right? These are the first 3 priorities for the day]

I shall report later on.